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Students of Birds or Leadership:

I am developing some illustrations for my discussions in leadership. At this point, I am using the metaphor of the bird to reflect on different leadership styles. Below are a few examples that I have considered. (NOTE: Most are negative examples, but I certainly want some positives illustrations.)

  • Negative Example 1: Seagulls – These birds are notorious for flying into a situation, crapping on people, and then leaving. In the end, the presence of this bird is not welcomed. 
  • Negative Example 2: Ostrich – This bird has great speed and immense size, but when danger looms, it is known to stick its head into the sand. The bird resists the urge to utilize its strengths in precarious situations. 
  • Negative Example 3: Vulture – This is a garbage bird that lies in wait, hoping to pounce on the next roadkill. These birds play an important role in our ecosystem, but they are not true tacticians and generally wait on the weakness of others. 
  • Positive Example 1: Eagle – The eagle is known as the leader of the bird world, as it soars higher, hunts more aggressively, and protects its young. The eagle nest is synonymous with strength, generally found in the crag of the rock. 

Do you have any other examples that might illustrate the different leadership styles in the organization, church, or home? Simply comment here or send me an email. 

I will return to this blog with a formative list of illustrations.